OG0-061 Exam Sample Questions Answers

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OG0-061 Questions Answers

Question No 1:

What does the IT4IT Information Model consist of?

A. The Service Model and the Service Backbone
B. Value streams and functional components
C. Data objects and their relationships
D. Capabilities and IT processes

Answer: C

Question No 2:

Which of the following is a Key Performance Indicator of the Request to Fulfill value stream?

A. The percentage reduction in the network required for new or changed services
B. Self-Service: Increased success rate for user self-fix
C. Satisfied customers per service/application
D. Arrival and departure rate of service requests

Answer: D

Question No 3:

What is the purpose of the Enterprise Architecture functional component?

A. To log, maintain, and evaluate all demands coming into IT through a single funnel
B. To manage creation, review, approval, and audit of all IT policies
C. To create and manage long-term IT investment and the execution plan-of-action
D. To manage the authoritative list of all IT investments

Answer: B

Question No 4:

What are functional components?

A. They are inputs to the IT4IT value streams, and pass through a hierarchy of data objects via state changes across the service backbone
B. They are the primary means for understanding business requirements as they are expressed to the Strategy to Portfolio value stream
C. They represent the output of the Requirement to Deploy value stream
D. They are the smallest standalone technology units that are useful to IT service provider

Answer: D

Question No 5:

What concept does the Reference Architecture Level 2 introduce that is not included in Level 1?

A. Data flow between functional components
B. The concept of Essential Attributes of data objects
C. The concept of an event bus for the IT service backbone
D. A formal notation

Answer: A

Question No 6:

What does the system of record fabric for IT management include?

A. Service models flowing across the service backbone
B. Functional components and their interactions
C. Data objects, their relationships and inter-dependencies
D. Value streams and their typical activities

Answer: C

Question No 7:

Which value stream creates the Service Release Blueprint?

A. Strategy to Portfolio
B. Requirement to Deploy
C. Detect to Correct
D. Request to Fulfill

Answer: D

Question No 8:

Which of the following best describes The Open Group IT4IT Reference Architecture?

A. A policy framework for IT governance
B. A supply chain management model
C. A technical interoperability standard
D. A standard for managing the business of IT

Answer: D

Question No 9:

UML is the Object Management Group Unified Modeling Language.
The IT4IT definition of the Service Lifecycle Data Object aligns with what UML concept?

A. Component
B. Class
C. Activity
D. Artifact

Answer: D

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